Saturday, July 14, 2012

July 14: Last Day in Kenya

Today has so many different mixed emotions.  I'm glad to be going home and being back with my boyfriend and family, but I'm sad that this wonderful experience is coming to an end (and I'm definitely not looking forward to the 20+ hours of traveling!

Today we were able to finally experience the Maasai Market and to be honest with you, I was expecting something like a farmer's market out in San Diego.  Boy was I WRONG!!!  I've never felt so pressured, so out of my element, and so nervous to go shopping!  I literally was pulled in every direction to shop and it was definitely overwhelming.  Luckily before the Maasai Market, we were able to visit a fairly cheap store that had everything I wanted souvenir-wise, so I was basically shopping for myself with the shillings I had left and ended up purchasing a traditional Maasai blanket.  After all the shopping, we said goodbye to Odyssey Safari's at the Nairobi Airport and began our journey home to the States.

Today's agenda:
  • Check out of hotel 
  • Shopping in Nairobi 
  • Maasai Market 
  • Airport

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