Thursday, July 12, 2012

July 12: Community Health Project

Today definitely was a bitter-sweet day.  I couldn't help myself from feeling extremely sad that we are leaving Daraja tomorrow.  Honestly, I felt that we FINALLY had that breakthrough, not only with the teacher's actively asking questions about their iPad's and genuinely trying to learn about the device on their own, but I finally had that personal breakthrough in the sense that I finally understood my purpose on this visit to Kenya and we leave tomorrow.  I can't help but feel that I still have so much I can contribute to the school, but we have so little time left on campus.  With all this emotion, Chris and I started talking about how we would love to come back to Daraja, at least next year with the next group that visits.  I feel that since Chris and I were the one's who headed the technology project, we have that obligation to continue to support the Form 1 girls as well as the teachers to make sure that the iPad's and iPod's are used to their maximum potential.  Although once wifi is finally hooked up at Daraja, we can have more communication with the school while we are back home, but there is still that sense of "WE NEED TO COME BACK!!" and I'm glad I wasn't the only one feeling this way!  There is still so much I can learn with implementing these devices in the classroom and I hope that I can bring what I learn back to Daraja very soon!

Anyways, today started with Chris and I sitting at the triangle tree waiting for teachers to ask us questions, but we started to get anxious, so we moved into the library (which is the teacher hang-out area) and made it known that we were there to help in any way!  I kind of felt like a stalker because I pretty much chased down teachers that I saw walking in the courtyard to ask them if they had any questions or needed help!  Since it was the Community Health Fair, Chris went out to help the girls with the set-up and I stayed in the library, and I think today was the biggest breakthrough with the teacher's feeling comfortable asking me questions!  I spent a lot of time with a few of the teachers today just talking technology!  Then we talked about life, schools in the U.S. versus in Kenya, aspirations, etc. and it made me even more sad that we were leaving tomorrow, but all in all, today was a good, well not good, GREAT day!

We ended the school day with an awesome turn-out at the Community Health Fair.  People from nearby villages came through as well as students from the local schools.  The Form 2 girls did a great job and I think everyone truly enjoyed the event!

Today's Agenda:
  • Help with teacher’s Q&A’s 
  • Q&A with Mwambura, Wycliffe, Cypress, Jackson, & Peris
  • Darja Community Health Project

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